Welcome from Orchy Design

Welcome from Orchy Design

Friday, 18 June 2010

Cufflink Update

A couple of posts back I told you that we had been asked to design seven sets of cufflinks to match the seven tartans of Houstons Traditional Kiltmakers near Glasgow.
Well I am pleased to say that the first lot have been approved by Ken and posted off.  The first lot comprised of 5 sets which I was really pleased with.
Due to technical problems! and not having suitable glass for the remaining 2 sets, they are still a work in progress although they are now almost complete.
Here is a sneak preview of a few that have been sent off, hopefully you will agree that they are a good match!

I have just completed a brown set which I had to order glass for and a red set which has been causing me great anxiety!  The colour changing properties of dichroic glass is the thing that makes it special but when trying to match colours it can sometimes be problematic to say the least.  I have now completed about 10 test firings to achieve red cufflinks to match a rather striking dark grey tartan with red stripes. 
The problem I have had is that the red glass has shown too much orange when it moved in the light and just wasn't right.  It has really been a case of trial and error and a great learning experience for the future ( I am now an expert on every variation of red dichroic glass!).
I am hesitant to say I think I have now cracked it with a great if not perfect match until it is approved by Ken but deep down I am almost letting out a small sigh of relief!


  1. Brilliant match of colour and make sure you post pictures of the red set!


  2. Hi Mick,

    Will do! Hopefully my sleepless nights will be over soon :)