Welcome from Orchy Design

Welcome from Orchy Design

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Adapting to the Market

This week we have been preparing for a big festival in Glasgow which will take place this weekend.  This is our third year there and we know there is no shortage of people desperate to part with their hard earned cash for delightful objects.  The problem is that as this is a free event people tend to arrive with little money,  enough for a burger and ice cream but not much else!
For us this means adapting from the range of jewellery that we normally sell.  We have found that items under £10 are most popular - not easy when you usually only make jewellery with sterling silver!  So we have put our thinking caps on and designed some bright and colourful pieces that we think will fit in well with a colourful, carnival atmosphere.

I have set up a temporary workspace on the dining room table just for this project.

I have been busy making pendants that are mainly made from brightly coloured bullseye glass, only fusing in a small amount of dichroic to keep the cost down, yet enough to give them that extra sparkle.

To sell these at under £10 sterling silver isn't an option so we decided on silver plate chokers.  We thought that even when the choker starts to tarnish they will still have a lovely pendant which can be hung on another chain and kept for a lifetime.  Of course we will still have our sterling silver range with us.

We think they have turned out rather well and will be just right for a colourful festival crowd.

The first batch is ready, and here are the next lot cooling in the kiln.

We have decided to sell them at £8 each which will even leave enough change from £10 for that ice cream Now we just have to hope for good weather!

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