Welcome from Orchy Design

Welcome from Orchy Design

Monday, 24 May 2010

Hot Marquees and Winter Boots!

Well I hope you are all enjoying the warm weather while it lasts!  On Friday and Saturday we were selling our jewellery in a craft marquee at a local flower show.  We have done many marquee events before, from sub zero temperatures until we couldn't feel our fingers, toes, noses or in fact any body parts to damp and windy conditions with leaks and dripping ceilings!  This weekend was a first for us as we were actually too hot.  I don't just mean warm, I mean we were actually baking from the inside out!
In fairness on Friday I was not suitably dressed for the summer weather as from past experience I was fully prepared with big boots and a woolly top so it's no surprise I was over heating.
On Saturday I was better equipped with summer clothing and a bottle of water which went some way to helping. As the day went on and the heat built up we had to open all the vents in the marquee to actually get some air.  One of our display cards also made a handy, improvised fan.
However, we couldn't have wished to be in a lovelier location on such a hot day.  Although only a short distance from where I live in Glasgow, I had never been to Viewpark Gardens before and was pleasantly surprised.  It is an oasis of foliage and wildlife in amongst houses and busy roads.

Before the crowds arrive!

It was wonderful strolling around the many themed gardens and finding a quiet bench to eat my lunch.  From wildlife and eco-friendly gardens to contemporary and sculpture gardens and many, many more this is a really beautiful spot which I can't believe I've never been to before.
Even with all the crowds there were some peaceful spots just to take some time out and enjoy the surroundings.

One of the many themed gardens

The festival encourages local families to come along and experience the lovely greenery on their doorstep.  With entertainment, a tea room, craft tent and children's rides there was plenty to keep everyone busy.

Statue in one of the hot houses

Almost every weekend we travel around Scotland to many beautiful locations to sell our jewellery which really is one of the highlights of this job.  One week we can be in the centre of a major city, the next week by the coast and the next week in the mountains (not to mention medieval and Viking festivals!) and of course it is a delight when you find a wee gem like this on your doorstep. 

Cute copper frog sculpture!

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