Welcome from Orchy Design

Welcome from Orchy Design

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Cufflinks and Tartan Kilts!

This year we introduced a wide range of cufflink designs and have been marketing them to future Grooms as ideal accessories for their wedding day.  The fact that we can make them in any size, a wide range of colours and textures and a choice of fittings allows for a very bespoke design.
Therefore we were delighted this week when Ken MacDonald of 
asked us to design a range of cufflinks to match their own

This is very exciting as Houstons is the only kilt shop in the world able to show every tartan and are also able to create kilts from special weaves. They also ship around the world.
Ken is sending us out tartan samples and then we can get to work on producing cufflinks that do them justice.
Once we have them completed we will be sure to post the images on here.

We have already completed several orders for bespoke cufflinks for Grooms, the Best Man, Ushers and for birthday gifts.  You can buy many designs direct from our online web store and below is an example of some of our online designs.

We offer a range of fittings to suit all budgets with prices ranging from £18 - £30.  All our cufflinks come presented in a very stylish chrome mirror box.

Our cufflinks are also ideal for a very unique and personal Father's day gift, but remember as our cufflinks are made to order it may take up to 2 weeks for delivery!

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