Welcome from Orchy Design

Welcome from Orchy Design

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

New Clip On Earrings

At Orchy Design we listen to what you want and when we can we put those ideas into practice.  On a regular basis we are asked about clip on earrings.  Since we started we have offered stud and drop earrings for pierced ears only, quite simply because we didn't think there would be enough demand for clip ons.
We should have known better, after all I only had my ears pierced a few years ago and my mum had hers done shortly after.  Part of this decision was due to the fact that we couldn't buy all the pretty earrings we liked as they were only for pierced ears.  So, like I said, we should have known better!

At almost every event we attend we meet at least one person who asks for clip ons.  For whatever reason (scared of needles, too old, never got around to it etc etc) there are a surprising amount of people with non-pierced ears.  We felt that it was a shame our customers were buying other items of jewellery but couldn't have earrings to match.  So, we investigated the practicalities and are pleased to say that we now stock clip on earrings!  You can even buy them right now from our online store for only £8 including postage!

Our new range of clip on earrings available to purchase now

Normally we only attach sterling silver fittings to our jewellery, however we felt that due to the current cost of silver fittings we would have to put the prices of our clip ons above that of our pierced stud earrings.  So, we decided to ask if people would rather pay less for a silver or gold plated fitting or more for the sterling silver clip.  The general consensus was that people would be happier to pay less and compromise on the fitting, so that's why our online earrings have plated fittings.  We realise that due to allergies or preference you may rather have a sterling silver clip and we would be happy to make these on request, simply contact us with your colour choice and we will provide a costing.

Your comments and suggestions are always appreciated and listened to.  We always encourage feedback and when possible we make the changes that you have asked for as we value your custom and in return we want to provide you with the best service possible.

Susanne x

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